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Travel & Transportation, Bicycle, Riese & Müller, Voor hoofdkantoor Blokker.
Travel & Transportation, Bicycle, Koga, Wiboutstraat, Amsterdam (achter Cygnus Gymnasium)
Electronics, Camera, Lenses, Olympus, - Between Nationalthateret and Asker stasjon, possibly in the train or in the stations Nationalthetret/Lysaker/Asker - or - around the lake Semsvannet - or -between Bislett and Nationaltheatret on te road
Animals, Dog, Kruising Jack Russel x Beagel, Juliette is verloren gelopen te Mazenzele. Ze heeft haar losgetrokken en is sinds dan niet meer terug gekomen.
Travel & Transportation, Bicycle, Cortina , Voor mijn deur aan de Ranonkelkade in Amsterdam
Travel & Transportation, Bicycle, Basisschool balu lutlommel
Daily Items, Keys, PEUGEOT
Travel & Transportation, Bicycle, Fiets is gestolen aan Guilini-zwembad in de Keizer Karelstraat 41 te brugge. Zwarte mountainbike met witte belettering met zwarte spatborden
Electronics, Mobile Phone / Smartphone, Samsung, Bij het terugsturen aan
Daily Items, Keys, Woluwe-St-Pierre
Travel & Transportation, Car, LANDROVER, Eindhoven, bij station NS.
Daily Items, Keys, LITTO
Electronics, Monitor, Draeger, Stolen from the emergency ward of the Samaritans hospital in Sampletown. Was stolen during the night shift from one of the ER boxes, when it was crowded because of accidents due to the thick fog.
Electronics, Mobile Phone / Smartphone, Samsung, schoolbus De Lijn, lijn 561 Zoutleeuw - Oplinter
Electronics, PC/Laptop, Dell , gestolen op kot dochter in Leuven pv politie leuven LE.18.LC.30398
Electronics, PC/Laptop, Dell, Forgotten on the Thalys Paris-Amsterdam
Travel & Transportation, Bicycle, Tenko, In front of cafe Le Roi d'Espagne on the Grand Place in Brussels.
Sports & Leisure Gear, Cycling gear, Gazelle, Deurne Zuid, Florent Pauwelslei