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2x Anti-theft - Internet address etched into bike

Turn your bike, eBike, folding bike or scooter into an infernal bike for thieves!

With this etching kit, you can give two bikes their own, unique Internet address. This allows everyone, worldwide, to see immediately if it’s a stolen bike. Without any explication or knowledge of the system. Without smartphone, equipment or access to a database! Because the risk is too high and repainting the bike too much work, the thief will simply choose another bike in the neighbourhood of yours!

How it works? Simply try the address in your browser.

Each kit contains:

  • An etching fluid (in the Remarks in the ordering form, you can indicate which colour is best for your frame: blue, red or orange).
  • Two stencils with a unique Internet address for two bikes, and a testing stencil.
  • A small brush.
  • An alcohol pad.
  • Two models of warning stickers.
  • A user guide.

In the video below, you can see how the code can be permanently applied in just a few minutes. You can use this system also for other items as long as the surface is plastic, wood, leather, factory painted or powder coated.
Warning: the etching process is not applicable for bare metal! Use the tamper-resistant stickers instead.

Click "Continue shopping" for an alternative: Spotty tamper resistant stickers.

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